Karva’ is the name of my one-man company and the name means ‘wood carving’ in Swedish. To me, wood carving combines strong elements of nature, crafting skills, design and creativity alike. I am carrying this tradition on from my father, who was a skilled craftsman and woodworker, and I still use many of his old tools in the wood carving process.

My name is Leif Lundberg. I was born in Jämtland, a beautiful province in northern Sweden.
I grew up among lakes, rivers, forests and mountains, with skiing and alpine fishing as favorite pastimes. This is where my interest in nature was founded.
I retired in 2012 and enjoy spending my time on travels, woodworking and outdoor sports such as orienteering and mountainbiking.

One of the moments I enjoy the most is the rustic feel of the unprepared wooden block - a raw, square piece of linden, pine or birch, that is yet to take the organic, rounded shape of a bird.

Holding the block in my hand before setting out to shape and design in line with customers’ requests is always a bit of a magic moment to me.
Add to this the challenge presented by the different birds’ ever changing movements and expressions, which makes each request into a unique woodworking experience – and one which I hope to share with you through the finished product.

Birdcarving during a handicraft festival at Hemslöjden, Linköping 2014

Interior of the workshop



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